Green Key Meetings


MGM Grand is proud of its sustainable operations. We are one of four MGM Resorts International destinations to receive a prestigious "5 Green Keys" rating for sustainable business meeting practices. We are also among the first in the United States to receive this award for meetings and among an elite group of only six total in North America.

Green Keys - 4 Key Rating

Green Keys - 4 Key ratingMGM Grand Las Vegas earned an impressive 4-Key rating in the Green Key Eco-Certification Program in May 2010. Green Key evaluates hotels based on their green practices on a scale of one to five Keys, with five Keys being the highest ranking. Green Key has more than 1,400 member hotels and is the foremost "green" hospitality ranking, certification and audit program in North America. Currently, less than 1% of all certified hotels achieved the 5 key ranking.

Green Meetings - 5 Key Rating

Green Meetings - 5 Key ratingMGM Grand is also a proud recipient of the prestigious "5 Green Keys" for green meetings.The designation of 5 Keys is awarded to hotels that exemplify the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility in relation to their meeting and convention facilities and practices. MGM Grand is among an elite group of only six in North America to receive this designation.

MGM Resorts International is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship, bringing value to our shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Created to increase the sustainability of our company, Green Advantage is MGM Resorts environmental responsibility platform that focuses on reducing our consumption of the planet's limited resources through innovation, education and efficiency. Green Advantage ensures that we incorporate environmentally responsible practices that effectively lower our carbon footprint throughout all of operations. We believe that a greener business is a better business.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we have focused our efforts on five core areas that contribute to our footprint. These five core areas drive our continuous improvements and the result is that hundreds of best practices have been implemented and MGM Resorts properties have reduced annual emissions of CO2E by more than 100,000 metric tons.

Energy and Water

Supply Chain


Green Building

Outreach and Education

Waste and Recycling


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